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    No wonder Villa struggle to sign player's,.

    While Mon is sunning himself, a player they were interested in signed for Blues.

    Nikola Zigic's agent claims Manchester City and Aston Villa were interested in his client prior to signing for Birmingham City.

    Blues concluded the signing of the Serbia international ace on Wednesday on a four-year contract in an estimated £6million deal.

    The signing represented something of a coup for Birmingham, who were on the lookout for reinforcements following Christian Benitez's exit.

    Zigic's agent Milan Calasan now claims that both Man City and Villa were interested in pipping Blues to the 29-year-old hit-man.

    However, City's plans were too long-term for Zigic's needs while Villa were unable to progress fully with manager Martin O'Neill away on holiday.

    QUOTE..."Then we were contacted by Aston Villa on the day Nikola had already arrived in Birmingham.

    "They begged us to wait a while. Without Martin O'Neill, no decision can be taken and he is on holiday.

    "In that case, there was nothing more logical than to finish a job with the club where all the doors were open (Birmingham).

    "We had a great welcome from Birmingham. Alex McLeish (Birmingham) spent an hour chatting in the hotel to Nikola."

    That's the way to do it...look after number 1 Martin...I really hope he makes you rue the day you flew off to Barbados.. That is one reason why Villa will alway's remain bridesmaids...and never the bride. Complacency will always be Villa's downfall.. !!


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    • Not being funny, oh Tilting one, but this sounds like someone who was a bit peed off at not being the right man for the job at a top team and ending up signing for your lot instead :-)
      Nobody can tell me that a conference call on a laptop isn't possible anywhere in the world.

      If Villa are going to make the jump they need in order to get into the Champions League, we need some real quality players. If we lose Milner we'll be needing a season or two to even get back to where we are now, like when Barry left.

      If we can't afford a young world class striker, the alternative would be to pick up a player like van Nistelrooy who still has a few goals left in him. It worked all those years back when we bought Merson.

    • morning tilts,
      ok me old mate, so you made a signing, i know that it is a slow news week football wise but lets not get too cocky here, Villa will alway's remain bridesmaids...and never the bride,
      yeah right but at least we get to go to the wedding. now come on nige do you really think that if we or citeh had been that interested in todays world, that communication would have been a problem, just coz paddy is on his holidays.
      for me you have made a cracking signing, but let us see if he can translate the goals to prem l as i regularly watch many of the sides he has been scoring against, and they are strictly fizzy pop league.
      with luck and time he should be good for you, that is two good signings so far, but dont be starting with the pi55 taking just yet.8-).

      villa 'til i die

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      • And morning to you as well Mike...I bet your morning is a little better than ours though...cold and wet again...thats our summer over.

        Now I have posted this on the Brum board too, but like yourself, it would be rude not to share it around, so here it is posted on your board too.


        Is this the first time Villa have been slow out of the starting blocks ? No...Robbie Keane is a name my Villa mates often refer to in the Pub (one of the few still left standing)....and Trevor Francis, another potential signing when he wanted to leave Blues... MoN could have been back within hours if he could have been bothered to look at an option to replace a certain forward of your's...but has been left chewing grass along with Heskey

        Piss taking...? What else is there to do in the close season Mike ?...us noses would not be considered the genuine article if we didn't take every opportunity to dish it out, especially as howy has left the stage with his tail between his leg's, soundly beaten by all us Brummies, so where better to go than give it some on the Villa board !"

        Keep Right On !!

        Consider the piss taking season under way. !