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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 4, 2010 01:02 Flag

    MoN quoted at 2/1 for the Dipper hotseat

    Baton down the hatches boy's, MoN is going to be hot property if you believe the local media quotes.

    "Yet that has not stopped Dalglish from being installed as co-favourite alongside O'Neill to take the helm at Anfield.

    Most bookies have the pair at around 5/2, with some making either O'Neill or Dalglish a slight favourite at 2/1, while Hodgson is a 4/1 shot with most."

    Nice eh 1 First they unsettled GB, now they are going to unsettle MoN.

    Not satisfied with nicking everyones hubcap's..the dippers now want to pick the Brummie pockets.

    Whats the viewpoint ?

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