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  • Vince Vince Jul 2, 2010 18:25 Flag

    News Item Tags

    Am I the only one who gets a bit hacked off when looking at the Aston Villa news page to find it full of David Villa news articles? Isn't time Yahoo! updated their news items tagging so we only see Aston Villa news on the Aston Villa news page and not anything to do with any 'Villa'?

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    • i totally agree vincent,

      the only problem is that there does not seem to be any ASTON VILLA news.

      villa 'til i die

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      • I think mouse is right.

        As sad as it is all we would have is headlines like "Villa nearly bought a player" or "Villa did not sell Wunderkind Heskey" or "Neither Gabby or Ashley were taken to South Africa". Mind you - I'm glad about the last one because they should be well rested and should be raring to go for next season.

        I actually kept complaining about the David Villa stories a couple of years back and they must have changed something because they didn't appear for a while. I suppose the only thing MoN could do is buy the bloke (we wish) :-)