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  • mouse mouse Jul 24, 2010 15:35 Flag

    Price must be right - O'Neill

    well its seems that we have been here before.

    we are 3 weeks away from the start of another season and we can not really say who will be wearing what shirt in the out field. if me milner has told the gaffa that he wants to play for m city, then lets get the deal done, this aint gareth barry with a long service record, this is a player that has been on the books a couple of seasons and had 1 very good year, if he aint happt lets get the cash in, buy him a bus bus ticket and wish him a safe journey.

    if there are players out there that we want to sign lets get on with it. if not lets get the squad working as the squad that we start with and lkose the deadwood. we dont need milner as much as he seems to need the money.

    c'mon mart lets get it done and get on with finishing better that 6th if we can.

    villa 'til i die, milner just passing by. adios son thanks for your effort.

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    • Re Millner
      I have to say I am suprised he always seemed a level headed lad
      Now to my mind he has been tapped up more than likly by Barry and then again my own view very very badly advised
      he is a decent player but FFS look at Man city's midfield how manyb games does he think he will play
      Agent wont care he will pocket his cut of the fee this summer and again next summer when he moves on Silly silly Boy