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  • probablygraham probablygraham Jul 28, 2010 19:04 Flag

    Young close to Liverpool move

    As my jaw hit the ground I realised it was Luke and not Ashley.

    Even then - why are we selling players we have to replace? We don't have any spare players.

    Makes no sense at all.

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    • Looks like there will be a power shift in Brum soon if MoN or Randy don't take a look at what is happening at St Andrews, Grah. Villa are fast becoming a selling club, and not replacing the ageing team of 2008/9 which is largely still around. I think a clear out is needed and fresh faces bought in, but the revolving door only seems to say 'Exit' these days, with Milner soon to follow.

      All well and good if Randy wants to keep his cheque book in his pocket, but other teams are making progress, are Villa going to stand still again. ?

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      • We'll have to see Nige.

        It's not as if we've had a season recently where it's been any different. Every season we say - right - this season MoN will buy some players and............... but it doesn't happen.

        What really p****s me off is that I think for the last couple of seasons we've been 3-4 good players away from a Champions League run. It is upsetting to see other clubs who simply can't have anything like the money Villa have buying in good players.

        He'll fall over if he reads this, but Vileman was right all along - the club simply have no ambition.

        We'll still finish ahead of you lot though :-)