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  • right, sorry to be blunt, how many fcuking wingers do we need.? what the hell is it with mon and bloody wingers.? what we need is a chuffing goal scorer.
    why do we have this same shit every season. can we just please work out who we want/need and just go about the business of trying to get them. why are we always bringing in players after the pre season work is done.? it is all getting to be a routine that pisses us all off each year .
    come on randy, please sort the shit out.

    villa 'til i die

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    • Bang on Mike............same old pattern....waitng for signings....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • I've never seen him play so I dragged this clip out of youtube:

      He looks to be a bit more than a winger, and I like the way he seems to be able to go through the middle.

      We haven't got him yet (and may not do). My main worry is what happens to a lot of Scottish players when they play in the Premier League - they're not fast or fit enough. A totally different game.

      If anyone can make him gel with the rest of the team it's MoN so let's hope it works out. At the moment I'm glad to see we're buying anyone at all!

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      • Well they was a rare find a clip of him playing he has warmed the celtic bench for ages strachan did not really fancy him much and as he has bought half of scotland to play for Middleborough he would have bought this chap had he been upto much i would have thought
        he was a youth team player when MON manmaged celtic BTW
        I think he is not needed at villa park he is to light weight and might be better off in russia as the leage is roughly the same standars as the SPL

      • living here pg, we have lots of pubs dedicated to celtic or rangers.
        i saw a lot of him (albeit in snatches between orders) last year and i do not think that he is good enough for the epl. he only looks more than a winger because of the 5hite midfields and defences that he plays against. if we get him i hope that i am wrong. this anual will we wont we is becoming a pain in the arse transfer wise.

        villa 'til i die