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  • Pikey Pikey Aug 10, 2010 04:00 Flag

    Why the silence?

    I am amazed at the lack of comments and the apathy being shown by you Vilers.
    Only one post, and that was copied and pasted.
    Where's the passion gone?
    FFS, if it was anyother club there would be uproars and demands to find out why the best manager seen at the village for many a year has suddenly upped and gone.
    The silence is deafening!

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    • MON never was one to stay if things were not to his liking.

      Bit like S Coppell now at my Bristol City. He doesn't wait to get sacked..............And when things are going well, it's no guarantee he will stay.

      Shame. He is a quality manager.

    • dunno about knocking one off the wrist , Mike...where you are, can't you get a different one every night to do it for you ? Young Joker hasnt got past that stage though..puberty, terrible time...all he can do is wank.

      Anyway...I have to ask the question, mike, the timing of the resignation ??/WTF is that all about. Someone must have really pissed moN off big scale. Is it Milner out, or he can't get anyone in ? I know we at B4 took the piss when we nicked that East European from under MoN's nose, but that wasn't like Mon,
      Perhaps he's being lined up for the manUre job, and gets his feet under the table before the man resigns and goes upstairs. Whatever happened, perhaps he will take Emile with him ?
      Can but hope.

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      now i might do an impression of you, and knock one off the wrist before work. i could ask the wife but why disturb her when she is ironing,

      villa 'til i die.

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    • Firstly i'm not a Villa fan but wanted to read some of the posts that Villa fans felt about losing one of the best managers in the PL and this is it. Wow 4 posts pretty pathic, its nowonder the mans got pissed of and left.

    • The guy's patience obviously ran out, Steve. He wanted to progress, build on what he'd achieved, but negative response has created the inevitable.
      I offered him the job at Hartlepool, but he said fuskc off---it's Tommy Cooper you need not me.

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      • I can remember when Doug was there, Mike, ALL of you wanted him out. Well this bloke Lerner , a Billionaire by all accounts, is hardly doing the business as was expected is he. old Deadly looks like Father Christmas after this bloke.

        well looks to me that MoN's patience has finally been strained to the limit. I now think you will finish below us, maybe even struggle this year.

        Pity, I love the competition, but I think things may just have swung our way.


    • because sire i have just returned from work.

      right my fellow villians (and you noses with an interest).

      what the fcuk is going on at vp.
      mon. dont come cribbing that you had no choice but to make this decision, you knew what was going on in the transfer department and could have done this weeks ago. i dont care what you have to say you aint welcome at vp, and as far as the villa faithfull are concerned you can fcuk off, we are in it for life you seem to be some sort of mercenary. fcuk off good riddance.

      randy lerner. it may be a fcuking buisiness to you, but to us it is life, love well to be honest, its fcuking everything. if you are selling milner, younge, gabby et al, get the fcuk on with it and get the replacements in.

      villa fans, i fcuking warned you that chasing ellis out of the club was a huge mistake, well 5 days before the season this would not have happened with deadly.

      west ham, make your protests, but please do not attack the players, do not sit back with milner though if he wants man cities bench let him know that he can have it.

      noses, this is your 1 chance, your only hope of ever being the no 1 in brum, you taste it, but will you waste it,

      man city, i never minded you, bit like us, spurs, everton. but i have a feeling that you are behind this in some way, so, go fcuk yourselves, i hope that you never achieve what your money should buy. am i jealous of what you have, NO because you have lost what you were, best you can ever hope to be is a 2nd rate chelsea.

      reminder to mon, dont give us how great the fans were, you fcuked us over, i wish you absolutely fcuk all good.

      vila 'til i die, unlike the spineless money grabbing bast ards who have screwed the club and the fans with false promise.

      finally, vito fcukwit. stop cutting and pasting on our boards you useless waste of fcuking oxygen.

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      • Just got back from holiday, so all i know is snippits from the odd text i got.

        Seems to be that MON can't stay when players are being sold or touted left right and center.

        On one hand i can see his point.

        On the other hand, he always said that the money was available for quality players to come in.......................But if that was the case, why did the quality players come in sooooooo bloody slowely, if at all?

        I have seen greeks build extensions faster than MON got good players in.

        If he is a man of integrity, then he should have told the truth about the money not being available from the start.......................Or if it was available, he should have bloody well spent it.

        This Villa squad (not team) had no right to be challenging for 4th IMO. We did because despite what we might think now, MON is a good manager. Very few managers would have challenged hard for 4th with that squad IMO.

        Whoever takes over, it would be a miracle if they were as good as MON. And with purse strings still tight, it will be downhill from here.

        But please........Not Sven!!! And Southgate has not proved he can manage a club as big as Villa

      • Great post Mike.....that is the passion pikey was wanting....don't know why he was interested though...perhaps he senses blood this season. All I will say is feast my friend for we are wounded and weak, but we will muster and return hahahah (wicked laugh)

        Anyway hello my fellow Villa fans and all the others who are on here to have a cheap 'pop'. I would like to point out that just because there are only a few messages, it does not mean there is a lack of passion....there are many other forums and might I suggest tallking to people face to face down the boozer....hic.

        Anyway, I have to say I am not surprised at MON....on to the next I say.

        As for the noses....I think thay have us this year and perhaps rightly so...they are investing and improving...good luck to them. I fear we may be on a downer for a while...unless the club pull a rabbit out of the hat.