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  • A friend sent me a text this morning telling me that for 8 million, Stoke have signed KJ.

    I know Villa are in turmoil at the moment..............But why are Villa not signing quality players like KJ?

    Big strong and not that expensive for someone who is already a Prem player with his skill and potential. Plus I am sure that a serious bid from Villa would have got him ahead of Stoke!

    Villa transfer policy shows no ambition. It is sometimes a fine line between enough points to be challenging for some sort of European place and a relegation dog fight...................I know which way we are heading at present!!!

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    • KJ a top player ?
      since when if he cant make it at suderland he would NOT be good for Villa IMHO

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      • Your humble opinion is valid but my humble opinion is that he has lost his way but did show signs of being a top Prem striker and a real handfull for defenders..............A sort of Heskey with goals!

        When you think that up and coming Championship striker cost over 10 million (Andy Johnson), 8 million for KJ was far less of a gamble if you have faith in your staff, coaches etc.

        But as usual, Villa show no ambition to be involved in getting any proven class players that are top 4 capable.

    • i totally agree, more to the point the fact that we are in turmoil and mon gone should have been more reason to look closely at a player like this, if nothing it would send a message to the fans that life goes on after tw@ face and big emile

      villa 'til i die