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  • Villaman Villaman Aug 27, 2010 05:13 Flag


    Disgrace of a result, disgrace of a team, disgrace of a a club.

    I have been reserved about the 'Randy' Generation, because he has done some good stuff, however enough is enough. We are a club in decline and this Board don't give a f""k.

    Go now Randy, it's not our fault that MBNA lend to the sub prime market, you bought this club with a promise of better things to come, you have failed us.

    Top manager gone!
    No Players signed!
    Morale low!
    Out of Europe (Again)
    Top half of the table finish a REAL challenge!

    GO AND GO NOW, I never thought I would ever sound like a scouser but GO YANKS, if you cant invest in my club then go and go now.
    I feel sorry for Kevin Mc because he is a good man and he has inherited this sh1t.

    We are going down at this rate.

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    • randy lerner we need jol

      theres no one else who can sort this team out

      that was a shame tonight everton will dance all over us at this rate sunday

      and get a striker in

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      • what ever manager you get he will need a large transfer kitty
        The denial of the Millner money was IMHO the reason MON had enough
        ok I will agree he bought some donkeys (CURTIS DAVIS) responcible for 2 of RV goals along with Guzan who should have saved 2 of them
        Petrov should be shot his penalty was a disgrace i would back my gran to have saved tonights effort!!
        Sda to say but i think KM is out his depth nice guy but not a first team manager he is i suspect really really good with the younsters bringing them on as the results of the younger teams have shown people have gifts in life and i feel KM is best at teaching the youth how to be footballers as that it his gift