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    aston villa

    my problem with villa is that havn't sorted out a manager strat away o'neil left and leaner needs to get his head out of he's butt this man is worth billions if he wants to make villa BIG and him self a invester for the club he needs to but he's money where he's mouth is and maybe try to get a manager that has got prem experince like David Moyes from Everton or Martin Jol and Sven these are the 3 i wold recamend to R Leaner this is somethink he needs to get done.

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    • Dead right Lerner needs to get in the right man or be known as the American owner that as overseen the demise of a great club that when he took over he promised the dawning of a new era but it looks like the dawning of going down.

    • Or roy kipper abbie fisher, what about your thread on the VC board "hmmmmm", over 20 views......NO REPLIES.

    • No one care what YOU think, Roy Kipper Abbie Fisher, no-one.

      Look at the VC board Roy Kipper Abbie Fisher posts "Did you miss me?"...lots of views, no response.

      Or..."Here's some jokes, what do you guys think?"........lots of views but again, no replies............

      You see Roy Kipper Abbie Fisher, no-one cares, you're a bore to people same as 'cry-baby' backstabber Nigel who posted, again on the VC board "Mick will you be coming down to the brimingham game?"......................NO reply.........hahahahaha

    • Fuck me, another thick fucker................Would you like to try that again in English Joseph?

      Who taught you to write..............NODDY?

      Joseph, I 'recamend' you attend night school classes for English

      It's at least 'somethink' to think over..............

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      • A brummie education is NOT a good one
        They have a group of grammar schools that take the best and they just forget the rest and condemn them to the wilderness of a secondary education dressed up as comprehensive.
        It seems to have been forgotten that Mrs Thatcher closed down most of the factories up in the midlands and now if anything need 1/2 a brain cell we have to come up from the south to sort it out for them