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  • I would love to see Owen at Villa Park, but has Houllier convinced Randy Lerner that he can have money to buy some top players or is it just Houllier's wishful thinking?

    I'm sure MoN would have bought Owen or someone with his class if the money had been available. Don't try and tell me that MoN thought Heskey and Carew were ideal goal scorers.

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    • Owen's sheer class. But he's reduced now to being a stop gap, fingers crossed part player. You need regular 100 per centers, it's a long season.

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      • Yes and no.

        I remember when Villa bought that old man called Paul Merson. He inspired the Villa team and won us a lot of matches, better than many top strikers who would have cost much more.

        I think there are two questions here. Will Randy Lerner give Houllier the sort of money needed to get Owen, and would Owen want to come to a club that has a very uncertain future, even if he would meet up with his old pal Houllier?

        It's the old problem. Top players don't want to come to Villa Park because we're not a Champions League team. We can't even make the KO round of the Europa League. So you have to pay through the nose and we don't have the cash to do so.

    • Owen would be fine but what about his fitness ?

    • Not for me PG....he's undoubtedly a class finisher but I feel he's never going to get back to full fitness for any length of time. Oh well it's going to be an interesting season as far as I can see......bit of a roller coaster I think...let's hope there are more up than downs. But by definition you end up where you started :-)


    • You would like a over-rated injury prone out of favour player who hasn't played in god knows how long? Hes not worth the money especially if he spent 90% with the physio. IMO look in other places don't rely on getting Owen.