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  • Hmm....didn't you just know that was going to happen right at the death? I've been following them too long and knew the script perfectly!


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    • You're right.
      You can always trust Villa to pull defeat from the jaws of victory.

      At half time I was thinking just how many times we've been in nthat position and how many times we've blown it.

      The defence looks very shaky. Too much ball watching. I thought we'd got out of that habit.

    • The old terrace song "Only Sing when your winning" springs to mind here Dan................ Get used to it it, that will happen regularly now, Villa's defence is their weak point, (along with their attack)...when MoN walked out of the door, so did your best opportunity of winning something., all because Randy Lerner is old Deadly in disguise...short arms and deep pockets....

      NO , you can't have Liam Ridgewell back...or Craig Gardner..! They are doing fine ..thanks !