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  • probablygraham probablygraham Sep 26, 2010 23:39 Flag

    Dear Emile

    Don't let that nasty Nige tell everyone you're useless.
    I might have spent most of my time here saying you're a donkey, but you're a very good donkey :-)

    Seems someone really likes the new manager. If we carry on winning I will too.

    Come on the Villa!

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    • I always said he was a 'worldy' :-)

      In all seriousness, I felt sorry for him really over the last couple of months. He is a nice bloke (put his hand in his pocket to help bail out Leicester when he was at Liverpool. I know Nige has a bee in his bonnett about him, but as long as he busts a gut :-), I'm leaving him alone.

      Now what's for brekkie?....hmmm croissants and pain au chocolat and a bit of reading (Rene Descartes and his mathematical theory of the flat back four I think (immersing myself in French culture) :-)


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      • I suppose I do have a bee in my bonnet about him Dan, and thats because he was bought to score goals at Blues, and his total of 4 or was it 5?...that wasn't really worthy of his fee. He was partly responsible for our previous relegation,...but I do wish him all the best really, he seems a genuine bloke, just he doesn't do what a striker should do...score enough goals.

        Hope he proves me wrong, just not when we play you lot though.

      • the man has taken a lot of stick from every group of supporters in the land. so if you are going to sing his praise do it properly.


        our world is aston villa football club, and if this carries on we should all kneel and beg forgivness.

        villa 'til i die

    • Emile Heskey walks into the 'Figure of Eight' in Brum City Centre.
      Emile say's to the barman,,,,,," A p p pint of B B Bitter , P Please B Barman"

      The barman pulls the pint...hands it to our Emile, and say's to him " Here you are Donkey face".

      The bloke standing next to Emile say's.."Blimey, Emile , I would have hit him (like any true Brummie would) if he had called me that, what's wrong with you?"

      Emile quickly stutters his reply..." Oh its all right m mate......He- orrrrrrrrrl......He- Orrrrrrrrrrrrrl..........He- Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlways calls me that".