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    Since Houllier arrived....

    Well, now that the dust has settled do you see any progress since the Frenchmans arrival......

    For me, Marc Albrighton is a star of the future, but credit there has to go to Kev Mcdonald.

    Heskeys resurgence? Luck? or is the Frenchman going to get the "best" out of him?

    My other worry is that Stephan Ireland is struggling to show any of the quality that won him a player of the year award at Man City, and we are missing Milners workrate. To be fair though I have been impressed with Reo-Coker to a point.

    The proof of the pudding with be against Chelsea, that is going to be a big test I think.

    Any thoughts?


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    • No....Ken moved on to Sheffield U and we never kept in touch after that...He lived in the next road to me, I hear he's in Australia now, and Pete was in the Far East last I heard. The attraction I think to the Villa lads was the manager Ron Saunders (before he resigned over the rolling contract issue and took over at our place) used to bring them in after the home games. Saunders was a close friend of the pub landlord, George Powell, himself a big Villa shareholder., and I dont think the Villa lads paid for much.

    • Ha ha...I would love to see old concrete boots as your captain and centre half...falling over as soon as our lightening fast super strikers waltz past him.........Please suggest it it Gerrard for me before the derby.

      i have watched this thread from afar with some interest, i took your advice tilton, i spoke to mr oooooooooolier. it went some thing like this,

      brrrr, brrrr ,brrr. hello, ah, err, err, bonjour monsieur gerard. stop stop stop, lets us not confuse things, start again in english, you thick brummie person. err ok sorry. yow oroight me mucker. oh god, i said ENGLISH. err yeah sorry, well this is what im calling for, me internet mate the bluenose tilton. ahhhhhhh oui, oh sorry, yes the one and only tilton, yes yes i have the internet and i am up to speed, you must be the super poster mr probably graham, er no im not, oh it must be that bloody mouse thing. er yes boss thats me. well lets cut to the chase mouse, here is what i plan for the derby game, you mean the blues game boss, don't get clever leetle english brummie you know well what i mean, we will start with this line up, brad 1 or 2 in ze goal, the big man emile, at 4/5/6, and gabby, ash and young marc up front. er yes boss but who else starts. no one mouse, let me explain. they will spend 85 minutes running up and down the pitch like loonies, feeding ball after ball to that jerome bloke, then you will see why i have the goalie in the side, to fetch the ball from the ball boys, it may interupt his game on the ps 3 but we pay him good money, i think that by 1/2 time we may be 1 or 2 up with breakaways, but if not no worries, at 85 minutes i will bring on 3 more strikers and the win against their tired little legs will be in ze bag. cool hey mouse. er er yes totally fantastic monsieur, but what does ze mean as you said english. bah bloody brummies.brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      so there you have it tilts, the game plan. sorry but i cant be arsed to punctute that lot as i have a life to live.

      gotta love the blues, laugh their arses of at the other brum teams taking 6.0 batterings and yet they lanquish below us both in the table. lol

      villa 'til i die.

    • Interesting story.... are you still in touch with any of them?


    • Long story mate...summarised a little, ...when Pete Withe, Ken McNaught, Colin Gibson, Jimmy Rimmer and co were winning the old 1st Div and then the European Cup, between 81 and 83, the Villa lads used my local, the 'Olde Nags Head' in Hockley Heath, near Knowle as they all lived in the area, and we all became friends. I went to watch the game as a mate of Kens more than anything else, and much to my disgust, Villa won the game with a Pete Withe fluke off his shin, which I constantly reminded him of. I still say if he had connected it right, he would have hoofed it over the bar. Anyway...we challenged the Villa EC winning team to a darts match when we got back to Brum, after the Council House banquet it was.... and we won! My missus beat Pete Withe in the last game, which he never lived down either. So the Nags Head darts team claimed we were un-officially the EC holders after that !

      Distant memory now, as was the hangover I got after the game.

    • This thread has wandered off into some strange linguistic experiment in my absence.....ha ha

      So Tilton, how come you found yourself in Rotterdam for Villa's finest hour then, being a blue-nose? I can't say I've ever met a blue-nose who's vaguely interested in anything villa related, except the outside chance of a win on derby day!!!

      Any thought's on the current "tough tackling" debate as well....?


    • Sound like you have a touch of a Kraut accent as well there, Grah?..

      Try practicing my own St Andrews version of the frog lingo. Grah, with a jock twang ala Alec Mcleish..........as already stated..you take Gerard to one side, take a deep breath...pinch your nose at the bridge, breath garlic all over him and ...Voila, you have his attention! !!

      Here practice for yourself, you'll soon get the hang of it...and Gerard will get the message too....

      "Excuse Moi...Monsieur Hoooooolier.......(say this while holding your nose, it sounds more authentic)....

      " Uhu......ahem (cough, cough)......(deep drag on the Galoise) Excuse moi...Monsieur 'Ooooooolier ??.....Excuse', Je prend le grand âne, le nom est 'Emile Heskey' dans le Football (le foot) v Birmingham City ( Le Premier football !!!! ....... L'équipe maintenant!)...a'le Capitaine, s'il vous plaît....et le centre demie. Bon ????!, Bien....avez une bon jour,Monsieur 'Ooooooolier, mais, le bébé j'aurai mon bain maintenant...... Au Revoir ! "

      You'll soon get the hang of it...you'll have to when he changes the name of Villa Park into 'La maison du la Villa. '

    • Touchée, Monsieur.
      Us Villa fans have to spek a bit of the lingo now you understand.

    • Humph...Well I'll phone you from the Holte End during the next game, Grah and discuss this further.....should be quiet enough to hear you !

      Closet Villa fan >...Huh...

      KRO !

    • I knew that one would hurt :-)
      You just don't know what's good for you.
      Don't think I ever got more drunk than after that match.

    • "I think he's a closet Villa fan but he will never admit to it (can't wait for his comments on that).

      CLOSET WHAT ???????

      Wash your mouth out with soap and warta, my man...Villa fan NEVER !!

      Watching my mate Pete Withe win the European Cup in Rotterdam was as much as I could bear...........and Kenny McNaught should have been a Scotland regular....he told me himself...

      Pete Withe...now there was a real centre forward....and another ex-Blue nose too !

      Pity he was a scouser....

      Closet Villa fan ...I ask you....................

      I know nothing about the Villa !

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