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  • Well, I must admit to feeling vaguely optimistic about tomorrows game.

    Drogba on his day can be completely unstoppable so I am pleased he is absent. I wouldn't wish a player injured but we must take the positives from this situation.

    Lampard is missing, so they are another quality player down but obviously Chelsea do have strength in depth.

    The area we need to take control of is midfield for sure so let's hope the lads are up for it.
    Houllier needs to set up the formation to combat their midfield but NOT sit too deep as we have done in the last few games.

    We are more than capable in defence, Dunne and Collins should be able to more than nullify any aerial threat.

    Interested who the Frenchman will start up front as the rejuvinated Heskey is carrying a slight knock......

    Any thought..... ? UTV

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    • A good result and I'm starting to like Houllier. He seems to have got the players motivated and they all want the ball - can't ask for much more than that.
      Strangely I think once Dunne was taken off we looked better at the back. When he's in, the defence tend to panic. When he's off, they seem to concentrate better.
      Once again I'm not happy about the stupid fouls. We were lucky Chelsea didn't get a goal from one of them. Has to be said that the ref went a bit gaga in the second half though. One or two yellows would have been more realistic.

      Here's a weird idea - I've been thinking for ages who Dunne reminds me of - Malcolm MacDonald. So let's stick Dunne up front to bully the opposition defenders and put it in the net. I'm serious. While we don't have a natural striker we could do worse.

      All in all I'm feeling a lot more positive about this season, and I think Houllier might take us places.


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      • yeh a good result houllier maybe on to something but there is alot of work for him to do lets be honest, interesting thought playing dunne up front well its worth a go i guess we need strikers thats for sure and have done for sometime i find it hard to understand why managers cant see it lets hope houllier can see that and randy comes up with the money to get some on the hole villa are playing better football than ive seen in a long time we just need to start winning games come on the villa

    • We don't have a player with Dog Bra's quality, so if he has a good game we're stuffed.

      For me it's about whether we play a gutsy game. As long as the team look like they're trying and don't give up, I'll be happy. Just a few weeks back I was seriously thinking we might get relegated (not saying we still won't, but things are looking a lot more positive now).

      Chelsea seem to be the only consistent top team this year. I think at best and with a bit of luck we can get a draw. If we win I'll be dancing on the ceiling.