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  • mouse mouse Oct 30, 2010 20:34 Flag

    carling cup.

    ok so we are presented with the chance to break thier hearts completely this season.
    lets get it done, lets get them done ands lets get this season started.

    villa 'til i die.

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    • As I've said for years Nige, we don't HAVE a reserve team. When you have a squad of about 14 you can't talk about reserve teams.
      I think the cup game will be wild and nasty. Neither of us realistically has a chance of doing anything in the league (although I'm sure you'll disagree), so it's a question of pride.

      Thank God we didn't lose to you lot today. The draw hurts enough.

    • Aaahhhhh believe, brother-

    • Ho Ho Ho !

      Let battle commence.

      No such thing as a foregone conclusion, Mike.

      KEEP RIGHT ON !!!!

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      • nige, with our lot it aint even a 3gone conclusion,

        you have your season priorities we have to re-evaluate ours, imo. 7 days before this campaign started i was thinking "oh 6 th again"
        5 1/2 days before the start i was thinking "w t f".

        and now i'm thinking for the first time in many years, i hasten to add, that 3 wins over you guys this season is the only thing that we can realistically hope to achieve, plus that third win will obviously take us through to a semi, almost the best that we can hope for this term.

        so don't be offended, don't feel that i am maligning your abilities, it is almost a compliment that i feel wins over you this term are essential. can we get them, i really do not know, its not like you are going to roll over, but i hope that our players and management are thinking as i am, we are not top 4, we need to make sure that we are top half.

        enjoy todays game, but hopefully not to much, hope for a trouble free afternoon and that the only violence is on the games machines that the players seem to be so into before the game.
        also you will well understand the "wins over you" comment, as you know that historically that game has been more important in your calender than ours, this season we are both looking at finishing below the standard of last term. the prospect of finishing below birmingham city, i can live with. the mere thought of ending up below the baggie tw@s is terrifying.

        villa 'til i die.