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  • John John Nov 16, 2010 21:01 Flag

    Transfer Gossip

    Good afternoon Villains!

    Well, well well.

    What truth is there in the rumour that Bobby Pires could be plying his trade in the prem again, at Villa Park?

    He's been training with The Arsenal for the last few months, getting back to full fitness after he was released at the end of last season.

    Would you see him as a asset to your club? He was a class player in his prime. He lost pace soon after leaving Arsenal, but had skill abound.

    So c'mon Villains, how about giving this winner another taste of the prem?

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    • I find it sad to think that Villa have become a club that has to buy other clubs' rejects. It says a lot about just how little ambition we have.

      At the same time I'm glad that we're buying anyone at all, and I'm sure that Pires has a few years left in him. I always think about what Merson managed for Villa.

      Maybe Pires can be a real asset to the club, but he's not the centre forward we all know we need who can put Young's and Downings crosses in the net.

      As for mouse's dog - the second the name was mentioned Man City put in a 100 million bid for El Woofo, so it looks like we won't be signing him after all.......

    • to be honest john, the way our injury list is going, my dog could get a contract short term. of course due to a lack of thumbs he cant hold a pen to sign it.

      damn useless mutt.

      as for bob, well we are desperate but i doubt that he has the legs for a full 90 minutes in the prem. time may tell as the guy was pure class but this does illustrate our limited ambitions. bring in mickey owen and meals on wheels will be a permanent fixture in our car park. lol 8-((

      villa 'til i die.

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      • Its a fair point Mouse. Bobby was pure class at his peak, but time may well have taken it's toll.

        As a super-sub he may well be worth a pay-as-you-play contract similar to Owen, but even that hasn't exactly worked out for Utd. But for 90-mins of premiership football...I think those days are way behind him.

        Taking a look at Vieira though does make you think that the Arsenal squad of five years ago was something special if he can still put in a decent performance or two.

        BTW nice win the other week. Delfounso<sic> looks a good player. Then again, your youth system has always been good at turning out decent players. Be watching him, Albrighton & Bannan for England.

        Good luck. (Looks like Pires is set to sign very soon. Damn we got you at the end of this month too!)