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  • Am I alone in not wanting Pires anywhere near Villa Park?

    I'm not talking about if he does or doesn't have anything left to offer as a top flight player, although I doubt he does and he can't believe his luck in getting one last pay day!

    What I mean is.............In my book, Pires is one of those brilliant but absolutely cheating players. Just like Robben was at Chelsea. Pires is everything I hate in a player. I don't want to see cheats like Pires at Villa and I would say the same if he was 27 and not 37!

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    • Roy - it's a case of beggars can't be choosers for me. I don't give a damn who we have playing as long as they can score and get us out of this mess.

      I think we're going to finish higher up in the league next year. Trouble is it will be the championship..........

      Hello up there - I didn't believe we'd be saying that to Nige's lot this season. SH*************************************************T.