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  • Good result for the City of Birmingham I say.

    No garlic breath getting through this time !

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    • Fair play to the noses. Mind you with our potent strike force it's a wonder we got one.

      Those idiots at the end brought shame to the city....these are people who spend all week working and living alongside each other for f***s sake. It does my head in !!! One word: pathetic.


    • Enjoy it Nige. We would have if it had been us, but a bad team beat an awful team on the night.
      Dunne should be given a number 9 shirt so he doesn't get near our goal.

      I'd swap our excuse for a manager with anyone - Bannon off and Ireland on to win us a game, and then five minutes of Pirez? What a joke.

      Disgusting scenes from the "fans" who have dragged the good name of Midlands football through the mud.

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      • Absolutely Grah. I wasn't there, enjoying a night off in the warm pub watching the game instead of watching the crowd for a change.

        Fans ?....The day's of the 'Zulu's and the 'C' crew are gone mate, those were in our day...these are just mindless thugs , who think it's clever to posture, then run....A sad day for West Midlands football that was.., not even a good game to brag about, but never mind, about time we had a touch from the lucky fairy.

        Now I hope we can beat the Hammers, but don't hold your breath

    • good win for you boys, like to see you go on and win it.

      bloody shame that there is no control on the fans though, never were just able to enjoy the moment. lets hope that you aint playing behind closed doors in the near future.

      villa 'til i die.
      (even when we are shit)