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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 7, 2010 04:36 Flag

    Not looking Good ...........

    WTF is going on at VP ?...I know I'm a nose, and love the banter with you guy's, but seriously, this isn't good...we expect to struggle, but Villa ? Not good...Oooooooooolier isn't really doing it...is he ?

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    • We're starting to make Sunday League football look good.

      Houllier isn't the right sort of manager to get us out of the mess we're in. He's like Capello when it comes down to substitutes - take off anyone who's playing well and put someone on who unbalances the side. I still think Dunne would be a good centre-forward - he makes and scores enough goals so let's put him near the opposition's goal so the balls go in their net instead of ours.

      Just wait until Houllier realizes that Randy's promises of cash for new players were about as honest as the FIFA's voting.

      Houllier should stop making stupid comments and start learning how to avoid relegation. It's a real threat now.

    • dont worry mate weare aspiring to be birmingham city, the laughing stock of midlands football. you have to admit we are doing a bloody good job.i think maybe next season we will set out new goals and attempt to emulate walsall.

      villa 'til i die. (you never know nige if i go quick we may still be in the football league lol )