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    Houllier upbeat despite defeat

    yeah well the french tw@ would be, he is still getting paid. wanker should try standing on the holte, ok admitedly i sat and watched at my desk but it still cost me 15 fcuking euro (and no friggin bovril).
    this is now looking pretty desperate, m city and chelsea away then our usual end of season and it looks as if i am coming home to championship football.
    transfers i wish to see in january,
    houllier free to any where, replaced by anyone who wears villa on their heart because they cant do a worse job.also out any tw@ who does not wish to play for ASTON VILLA F C.
    almost any one who wants 30 grand a week and has basic skills and real fire in their belly,

    who do we blame for this, mon without doubt that wan ker wasted so much of lerners money that he has lost heart. so any nut job out there who see´s m o n please smack him in the mouth,
    worst bit of all is that we still look like a decent team but we are getting fcuk all out of it, we have some great young players and we need to get started very quickly now,

    if this sounds messy its im pi55ed up pi55ed off but i hope that you get the point.
    villa ´til i die.

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    • Well mate hit the nail on the head.And like you a life long Villa fan i fear for the future and think the blame for this debackle lies firmly at the door of that Fxxxing dohnut Faulckner look how over seen the sale of Milner by taking a make wheight tosser like Ireland whom didn:t even want to come to Villa.

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      • hey terry,
        there will always be the simple consolation in the fact that we are old. now i know, you are thinking where is the fun in being old.well its simple really, because we are ol we have seen the terrors of the 3rd division and we have survived them, we have suffered the horrors of division 2 and were not humbled by them, we have seen cup finals at wembly, old trafford and hillsbough and been mainly elated (just rarely embittered) by them, we are old so we have seen the glory of rotterdam and we have read the book, seen the movie and if we were lucky had the odd pint with the cast. we have witnessed the great claret and blue gods at work and we have suffered the mundane when our fellow citizens of birmingham would have killed for a little mundane, we have cried and we have laughed (often at the noses) all inthe name of VP and old deadly doug.
        terry what is the worst that can happen, we visit crystal palace and elland road next season, let us not cry too loudly for we were there to bare witness when the mighty barcelona fell victim to the claret and blue, we were there when pele jarziniho and santos were bought to thier knees by old charley aitken and his mates, and remember that we were there on that magnificent day amongst the 49'000 who saw andy lochead destroy bournmouth to secure promotion from that void they called the 3rd division.

        Carling Cup : 5 (1961, 1975, 1977, 1994, 1996); Champions League : 1 (1982); Championship : 2 (1938, 1960); Community Shield : 1 (1981); European Super Cup : 1 (1982); FA Cup : 7 (1887, 1895, 1897, 1905, 1913, 1920, 1957); League One : 1 (1972); Premier League : 7 (1894, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1910, 1981)

        it may read like a history book, but it is our history, i wish we had a song like the noses but they wish they had a past like ours, as do a great many others,


    • No point in blaming MoN mike. He was a fantastic manager who took a mediocre team and had every other team in the Premiership scared of us.
      We won't find out why he left until he writes his autobiography but I'm sure he was told he had to sell Gabby and Ashley. The timing was criminal but I think he loved this club and just didn't see any other option.
      Yes - he made some bad decisions and bought some crap players - he knows that himself, and I think he should have come clean and told us fans why he left and apologised.

      We need a manager who knows how to dig in and fight against relegation. Houllier isn't the right man and never was. Too much Capello in the way Houllier is handling the crisis.

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      • Mike,
        Who/why are you paying to watch footy on your PC?
        I have quite a few links if your interested, good quality and in English.
        Let me know and I will forward them to you.
        Even after Spurs went down to 10 men last night (never a straight red in a million) they still had more than enough for your lot.
        Worrying times ahead.
        Lets hope it's not a hat-trick of Midlands sides dropping into the fizzy-pop.

    • oh yeah, sorry .


      villa ´til i die.