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    low, low, low, low

    two years ago we were rising high above Chelsea and in 3rd place now we are 16th and some are classing us as relegation candidates. next thing u know we'll be playing Watford in the championship.Our only chance is if we buy some great players in the transfer window or if we sack houlier.

    sorry Houlier but you've got to go.

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    • We haven't got deep enough pockets to sign already proven stars................So we need to hope our scouts can spot someone who has slipped under the radar of the big 4 or 5 and will pull up a few trees for us.

      Clubs like Villa need better scouts than most, as we can't sign top names

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      • Following a well fought draw against the Chavs, it does make me wonder.

        It is well known that Villa have one of the best academy's in the country and give plenty of opportunities to the youngsters to prove themselves. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have some very....lets say experienced players.

        Where you seem short is in the decent mid-twenty something players.

        Two wins might take you from 17th to 8th in the league. Your only three wins from 6th. This years league is very tight so far. Your draw against Chelsea is evidence of this. Don't give up hope Villains.

        P.S It was nice to rape the Blues out of three goals yesterday. The only top 6 team to do it so far this year.

    • to right get rid asap