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  • lex lex Jan 24, 2011 23:43 Flag

    Charlie Adam

    Do you think he might be worth 8 million?

    I can recall him at Glasgow Rangers and he was fine at first then dipped very badly so badly that they shipped him out for 500,000 pounds with no buy on clause they just wanted rid

    it is rumored that he got in to some very very bad company in Glasgow and it was this that made his form dip (gaming debts ect)

    Now do you reckon that your manager and his assistant could keepo him on the straight and narrow?

    I am not sure Personally i feel he should do a whole season in the prem before any club makes a bid as for Holloway he is touched as he is comaring him to Alonso LOL he will be telling us all he is Cesc next !!!

    what do you guys feel I think you do need a more creative midfield player to spray passes about to the wing and also straight up to Bent, to make best use of the wingers and Bent himself