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  • Pikey Pikey Jan 27, 2011 18:10 Flag

    Michael M. Northern Ireland

    Remember this?
    >>No messages of good luck from noses?<<
    21-Jan-10 07:04 AM
    I would have thought they'd have been happy that a team from Birmingham is once again travelling to the hallowed turf to fly the flag.
    I have searched the Blues Blog, the villa blog and the Premier League blog, and cannot find 'your' message of good luck.
    I would have thought you would be happy a team from Birmingham is flying the flag while travelling to the hallowed turf of Wembley.
    In reality, I never really expected any from you. Only certain Villa fans (like Mouse) have the ability to show good will, even to their fiercest rivals.
    Never mind,

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    • Blimey Pikey! You were waiting to pounce there weren't you? Not one to hold a grudge are you?

      Anyway I for one hope you go and win it now for a couple of reasons (1) The national media love affair with London based teams will take a knock and (2) It will finally put a decent trophy in the cabinet and will stop you lot being so bitter and twisted. :-) We'll then be able get on with banter about who is the best at the moment and not go on about when we won this (in the 1890s which is irrelevant) and you didn't win anything blah blah. Let's face it, you'd be a nose if they dropped out of the league and the same goes for me and my team. Anyway, good luck!


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      • As I understand it Dan...You have to tread carefully in your household, being a family split Claret and Blue, and Blue and White. !

        Anyway...It would be nice to win the trophy again after winning it last in 1963, against.... er.... ...I forget the opposition now...but it was 3-1 I recall. On paper, The A.rse should walk it...at that's exactly what Liverpool thought when we played at the Millennium against them in 2000,...we were robbed on that occasion, when the Ref refused a blatant penalty against AJ.

        Bitter and twisted ? Us? No... Never...I resent that remark, so much that I shall shout my disapproval from the back of the Holte next time I'm working there...sure everyone will hear me !