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  • mouse mouse Jan 28, 2011 17:30 Flag

    a final testament to mon

    i have read in various boards and papers that villa fans think that the board should have given oniel the money that houllier is spending.

    well chaps do remember that amazing deal that mon pulled off to bring the world class curtis davis to villa park, 12.75 million i believe, plus 1.75 million per year in wages. now the same loanee to the foxes is on the verge of signing for the noses for a much more sensible 1.9 million, hmmmmm i can only say that the sooner mon is back in football the better, so that when he brings his new club to VP i can insult the fcuking wan ker to his face.

    gerrard houllier may not be the dream replacement but i would rather mickey mouse have the club purse strings than see mon within touching distance of VP´s budget. friggin tw@

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    • Mike - I think everyone's either on one side or the other when it comes down to MoN.

      He did the dirty on us and we don't know exactly what happened. I would love to hear exactly what made him leave a few days before the start of the season because if the reason isn't good enough, it was ckufing criminal.

      For me he made two bad mistakes - he bought some crap players and he played the players we had almsot to death so that by January they were worn out.

      However, for me he's one of the best managers around and I miss him. We shocked the big clubs regularly and I think we were very close to becoming a big club again. We played some absolutely brilliant football.

      Look at us now. It seems we've stopped the rot but I don't see us getting anywhere like as good as we were under MoN.