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  • mouse mouse Feb 10, 2011 18:05 Flag

    villa, england

    aston villa 2 denmark 1,

    nice to see that the rest of the premiership failed to assist in the destruction of denmark, in fact the rest of the premiership were a bloody liability lol
    i mean, christ we even had to lay on most of our own assists.

    villa is england.
    noses at wembely,

    who needs cockenys and mancs, lol.

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    • Always nice to see Villa players showing them how it's done. Shame they can't do it at Villa Park.

      The sad thing for me is that it proves Ashley Young can look really good if he's allowed to play his game.
      I think Houllier is playing him in the wrong way instead of letting him get on with playing the way he does naturally.
      Never thought I'd be praising Capello for anything......

      I remember the big debate we all had here about whether to say thanks or hate Barry for leaving the Villa. All I can say (as I said at the time) is that he's ended up being a nobody. He was a star at Villa Park, and it was great to watch. Glad your pockets are full, Gareth, but you made a huge mistake. What a shame to see such a great talent wasted.