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  • Dan D Dan D Mar 7, 2011 16:41 Flag

    Squad Rotation

    Well that worked out just fine didn't it? Well worth resting the 'A' team for the Bolton match. I know we played well and all that but we could have still been in the cup! But then again.........


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    • Apologies lads for that idiot butch following me around like a bad smell. I'll lead him back onto his own ManUre board.

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      • Sod squad rotation. You have to try and win things, just like Birmingham have. If we go down, or Birmingham, then we would have anyway. And it's not as though the rest of March is jam packed with game after game is it!

        I have no doubt though that club owners tell the manager that they musn't risk injury in domestic cup games, as the Prem survival is worth much more money. It has nothing to do with glory............it's fukc the domestic cups, they are only worth going for if we are safe and mid-table. Even UEFA Cup isn't worth bothering with if an injury you MIGHT (or might not!), het costs you Prem sirvival....................Was it Bolton who had qualified for Europe and had progressed some way in the UEFA Cup but then fielded a bag of sh1ite team, in order to save players for relegation battle games?......................I mean, how often do clubs like Bolton get to give their fans a classic european night, and just throw it away!

        Only money matters now..............The fans needs and glory come a poor second to chasing the money

    • I can't believe Houllier is experimenting while we're a point or two away from relegation.
      He has to play the strongest team we have in every game, and something is wrong with the tactics if we keep letting in so many goals.
      All his long term plans will be worth nothing if we aren't in the premiership next year.