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  • mouse mouse Mar 8, 2011 16:39 Flag

    barry bannon

    can any one tell me what the hell is going on at VP,

    only last week we get the frog telling us that he can justify the pick for the man city game, and then goes on to mention certain players in detail. BARRY BANNON being the pick of them, not a youth player but a scottish international.
    great so can some one tell me why a week later he will be turning out in a bloody leeds shirt. nothing against leeds, not my favourite club but we seem to have good relations with them, but if this kid is the future he will learn more around downing/ young/dunn and the like than he will in the fizzy pop.

    villa ´til i die, but by christ its becoming hard work.

    p.s is gerrard trying to get the players that we are going to keep ready for the rough and tumble of the lower divisions ????????????

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