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  • LBgoode LBgoode Mar 22, 2011 00:50 Flag

    A Change of Manager for AV.

    There is one guy not in work at the moment who would take Villa to places they never thought possible and that is Rafa Benitez. I am a Liverpool supporter and if Kenny was not back at LFC I would be shouting for a return for Rafa, forget about what you all read in the media as most of it was a lie, Rafa had us playing football the likes of which I had not seen since'87', if the then owners had backed him after the second CL final in three years in '07'we would have been up there with MU and Chelsea but being as H&G thought more about making a profit nothing was put into the team and when those two took over and bought Torres they made us sell Bellemy to buy him, the owners kept Rafa dangling on a shoestring every season until '08' from that time on they gave him nothing. I hope you stick with Houlier as I remember when Rafa replaced him the tactics changed immediately and from that moment he would have got us the league eventually but like I said people conspired against him. If Randy Learner want's to see top football played the right way he would be wise to go and get Benitez if for nothing else than to show certain people how wrong they were about the man. P.S Benitez had an average spend of about 8mill a season, it goes to show you cannot build a top team on a budget that teams like Barnsley and Burnley have(no disrespect to them).

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