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    aston villa football club v le frog.

    i have been an avid (family noses say rabid) follower of this THE GREATEST FOOTBALL CLUB IN THE WORLD, since the mid 60´s, attended my first match in 1967 aged 9, (parents thought that i was riding around kings norton on my push bike), i have suffered the gloom i have witnessed the glory, for many the essence of ASTON VILLA is jimmy rimmer raising his hand in rotterdam and a young almost unheard of nigel spink standing from the bench to prepare for his finest hour. old barstewards like me remember bournmouth in the 3rd division with memories that are as finely tuned as that night in rotterdam, our finest hour, well we all have our own, but if what i am reading this morning about the stand of many of our 25 man squad is to be believed, then our club now faces its most desperate hour. i am no lover of those who would blackmail or so called men who earn a decades wages for some, in a week threatening to withdraw thier labour, but thier is a problem here, it is major and it seems to be coming from "the boss" and that scottish pussy at his side.
    what the hell is going on, we all have work proceedures but there are ways and means of introducing them, do we have some kind of dictator running the club, is there no consultation process, who in this day and age (apart from the fcuking prime minister) thinks that they can simply introduce these draconian measures without consequence?. can no one at the club see that we are in trouble, and that without a united (no not that lot, (god i wish) ) workforce we will become victims of our inability to perform as a unit. we MR HOULLIER,are ASTON VILLA, you are just another money grabbing jobs worth, no creativity, no vision NO FCUKING HOPE, it is time to do the dignified thing, GO, RESIGN, pi55 off back from whence you came and give us a chance of survival.
    MR LERNER, i do not care if you once watched villa while studying at uni, IF you are as you claim ASTON VILLA IN YOUR HEART, then you will know that i am right and will push him if he will not walk, if you are other than what you claim then it is also time for you to go.

    THIS IS THE CLUB THAT DOUG BUILT, DEBT FREE AT POINT OF SALE, we are now up to our arses in it, THIS SIRS IS ASTON VILLA and if it isnot to your liking i for 1 mr houllier will show the 2 fingers to you that our english archers showed to your forefathers,



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