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  • Much as most of us don't want Houllier or McAllistair.....................WHO, do you want to be Villa manager?

    Lets not be silly and aim for Pep Guardiola or Jose M, as it won't ever happen.............So who do you want that Villa can attract?

    Me.....................I would like Dave Jones of Cardiff to get a chance.

    I'm not a Rafa fan...............I think he has had his time.

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    • well for me, i cant understand why Fat Sam is out of work. but since he is he is my choice. no objections to dave jones, but i do not think that we would get him. listening to interviews with the man, he does seem to be happy where he is. same goes for holloway, i cant see him leaving blackpool, i dont know if I H, could do anything at villa park but it would sure as 5hit be more fun than this season. holloway may be able to talk a certain c adam to come with as a bonus.
      with big sam the biggest problem would be our fans, we want it and we want it now, it takes the big man time to set his systems up and bring his people in, we are not patient fans by any means.
      as a final, and i believe possible option (if they fail to stay up) is mad mick at wolves. again im not sure its his management skills or his interview style that i fancy most. lol.