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    The Bells are Ringing Anthem!

    Do you like the new (supposed) Anthem,The Bells are ringing.Me myself,I quite like it.I've learned the lyrics of by heart.I think it is quite easy to grasp because most of it rhymes and the song has history.Fans used to sing it many years ago and the bells used to ring in The Aston Parish Church whenever Villa won a home game many years ago.
    If you have seen it,then please give me your opinion on it.

    If you have not seen it,then go on YouTube and then type in, ''The Bells are ringing for The Claret and Blue''.Then go on ''The bells are ringing,Do you believe,when your smiling''.The lyrics aswell as fans singing the song on the terraces is on the video.

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    • hi Nicolas, no disrespect mate but i was on the terraces in the 60's 70's 80's and some of the 90's i have seen games since then but not so much since i have been living in spain and portugal, on the subject of "the bells are ringing", been there sung that and take it from me, it was 5hite back then and would be 5hite now. i can only hope that it does not catch on as now that i am back in the uk i intend to be seeing some more games.

      sad to say that whilst we are now and always have been superior to the bluenoses on the pitch, they have always been louder and a bloody sight whittier on the terraces, (its not a complement as they are a damn sight more violent as well). what we need is some sharp tounged song writers to get their heads together.

      villa 'til i die.
      p.s, just listen to the noses craig gardener song for pure bloody cheek. lol.

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      • I have made some songs up about Aston Villa that are good and catchy.Soon I will be making a message about themI have submitted this because Mouse on a comment said Blues scum had been better than us on the terraces.
        Reasons against that:
        .Their stadium is a small shed.
        .I've been to Blues games once or twice and apart from the shiton,I mean Tilton stand their atmosphere is awful.

        But don't worry everybody.I will work hard to advertise and get people to home and away matches and try and get Villa Park with the best atmosphere in The Prem.
        Please support my campaign (if you want to call it that) and get down to support The Claret and Blues as much as possible!
        Peace and friendship to all Villa Fans.