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    Roberto Martinez

    so Roberto Martinez has decided to stay at wigan, well done that man for his loyalty.
    so we have been turned down by senor matinez, and we have missed out on martin jol and big fat sam. my opinion, we need to move and move now. options appear to be sparky or brolly boy. there are others but we do not need another ex loserpool fools and the way we conduct business (correctly) i dont think that we will approach any other clubs. so mark hughes, no thank you, absolutely not. this man has NO loyalty and cares for nothing but himself.i felt sorry for the guy when m shitty sacked him as i thought that he was doing ok, but what a way to reward fulham for the job that they gave him, as i said no loyalty. so onto maclaren, what exactly has the bloke done wrong in club football, ok the wolfsburg outing failed but outside of that he made a bloody good job of middlesboro, he has done good work in belgium and sir alex rates the guy. for me steve maclaren is the right choice at this point, two year contract with two year option.get him in now and give him the ashley young money to spend. he will also get downing to stay and may still have time to retrieve the reo cocker cock up.
    gary mac' needs to leave the club as of now unless maclaren can work with him.
    we need to put aside maclarens england time, its a poison chalice that no one has really handled since ' 66. randy needs to move now and in my opinion maclaren is the man, if im wrong in 2 years time you can all come round my house and give me a slap.

    villa 'til i die.

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    • i agree that maclaren is the best option the villa board should grab him without delay and stop listening to blue noses faking as villa die hards come on Mr learner use your buissnes sense we need continuity quickley,he would bring on the villa kids with good coaching mr turner and sir alex rate him highly give em both a call
      two year deal with an option for a further two years you can't do better that's if he want's the position good luck