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  • mouse mouse Jun 13, 2011 10:39 Flag

    can we stop with the pi 55 ing around.

    i have to say that i am getting very frustrated by the situation at villa park. we knew at xmas that houlier was not going to get the job done. we had a bloody big clue when the man was taken into hospital with heart problems that we would need a new face at the helm. in the time that we have had to survey the market, fulham have taken a couple of days to employ m jol, west ham have taken big sam off the market, and in a little over 12 hours forrest have snapped up maclaren. we seem to be left with curbishley, who i have not heard a word from and dont know if he wants a job or not. hughes, who is now looking like a serious contender and the fresh to the market ginger minger who is an absolute freakin NO NO. we appear to have let a dozen players go including the ever present goalkeeper, half of the midfield and one of the fastest wingers in the prem. we need a solution and we need it now.

    enough randy, lets (as you americans like to say) get it on, and get it on quickly, do what you gotta do or leave dodge, DO NOT appoint mcliesh but do get the situation sorted, NOW.

    villa 'til i die.

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