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    I'm sorry but did i miss last season's football,did the blue's go down last season i think so and who were their manager thats right mcleish,do we won't the same for us no.so mcleish go and do one thanks!!!!!!

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    • I hope he does well at Villa, Grah, he was trying to do a job with one hand tied behind his back sometimes, but never the less, despite winning the cup , he will never be thanked for playing the hapless Jerome as sole striker all season, a player who hasn't scored for six months, and leaving quality like Phillips on the bench. Reelegation was always a possibility when he did that.

      Is Mcleish the right man for Villa ? For me he is too negative, and wouild have gone for 'sparky' Hughes as first choice...but lets see. I do expect us to be back sooner rather than later...and hopefully as a force next time. !

    • Nige - I think McLeish is a great manager. I said after Christmas I'd rather have had him than Houllier to help the Villa fight relegation.

      Problem was McLeish had a cr@p team to manage.

      I think Hughton will be good for your lot. Hope you get back in the premiership soon so we can give you a good whuppin :-)

    • Chris Hughton., in exchange for Ginger Alex.

      Gotta be pleased, Danny. Like taking your old banger to the auction. and getting a decent Beemer in exchange.

    • The announcement is apparently hours away!!!!!

      I don't get it. For me it's not anything to do with him being ex Birmingham Manager, it's down to the fact he's not good enough!

      Also. If McLaren was not appointed due to lack of support from fans, then how the hell can McLeish be appointed?

      I didn't want Martinez and I didn't want McLaren, as I thought them both not up to it. Martinez maybe one day when he has proved himself a bit more. Mark Hughes is available but apparently some sort of mutual dislike between Lerner and Fayed stops his appointment!

      For me, Villa are looking for the cheapest manager they can get away with. I don't believe for one minute that Martinez chose loyalty to Wigan over Villa................I think Villa didn't match his wage expectations so he chose to stay with Wigan.

      All this does not bode well for future transfers, if we go down the same route of looking for simply adequate players who don't cost too much, after all, if that is Villa's ethos regarding the future manager, then why would it be any different regarding future players???

      Not happy

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      • Deal Done, mcliesh is our new manager. i dont know how to spell his name and whats more i dont care, the board have said that if we the fans dont like it we can stay away.

        so its make your mind up. i hate mcshit head, but i love aston villa.
        i dont give a fcuk for the way the owner is acting, but i love aston villa.
        i dont think that this is right, but i do think we are the best club in the land.
        i dont think that mcshithead can restore us to glory, but i have seen us crowned as champions of more competitions than his last club can imagine.
        i remember when we were more feared than barca, santos, and for sure man united.

        the owner is not the owner, he is simply the custodian, we the supporters are the clubs past, we are the club now and we are the clubs future. however long mcshit stays i will still be there after him.

        the dice are thrown, the table is set. we have a job to do, we support aston villa. if your are giving up tickets do it now, if you are burning your shirt i have matches but if you support aston villa it is time to go to work. it is time to support the owner and the ginger tw@, it is time to support ASTON VILLA.

        we are the now, we are the then and we are the future.

        VILLA 'til i die......