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    english vs european football....

    one conversion from 54 corners this past season in the champions league..... at least one corner converted every weekend in the english league.. a small stat, but hardly insignificant... but seen together with the possession stats when continental teams faced english sides in the competition this season, shows why the english game is several years behind... and falling even further behind each season..... big up english teams reaching the finals the last few years all you want, but no one remembers runners up... only two english teams have won the competition in over a decade... sorry, but your vigorously marketed competition is sub-standard and hardly entertaining (united, chelsea, chelsea, united, yawn) when compared to some of europe's top leagues... the world's best players play in the la liga and serie a, while the bundesliga and ligue 1 provide great entertainment at affordable prices to all..... face it, your game is a dinosaur heading to extinction...... goodbye...

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    • typical reactions from neanderthals... insults and the like..... don't see anyone able to address any of the salient points...

      basically it means that outside the top 4, teams from other european leagues would wipe the floor with substandard english teams..... the likes of genoa, udinese, sporting, braga, getafe, osasuna, etc. will always THUMP the likes of bolton, stoke, fulham, etc... overall, as a product, the other leagues are miles ahead of the english league...... the quality of the national team too suffers due to all your players plying their trade locally in a substandard league.... see what happened with the u21?

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      • ok, lets get on it then. yes there are differences.
        i am not quite the expert that you appear to be, but having lived in spain for 12 years and watched a great deal of football there i would question your findings.
        there are 2 teams in spanish football, as we know they are quite brilliant teams but if they had to play in the premiership over a 38 game season i believe they would be less potent. they face weak competition most weeks and outside the national game they are rarely pushed in the early stages of european competition because they are in better physical shape due to the lack of competition at home. if you go to a bookmakers at the start of a spanish season (illegal in spain) and ask to place a bet on barca or real to score more than 6 goals in 10 games that season you will get paltry odds of around 2/1. try that on man u, chelsea, or any one else in the premiership, totally different scenario.
        one of the major differences is the fact that in spain these sides stand off the likes of ronaldo (and he still falls like a sniper got him) messi and the other names that play out there, it is a different game. if barca had to play the likes of stoke, bolton wigan wolves week in week out i suspect they would have an injury list the size of my inside leg. (im not vertically challenged). i went to see Hércules Club de Fútbol play getafe,
        i have seen bigger park crowds in england and as for the football, well some of the crowd could have played better.
        onto your breakdown on the english national side, if we had fewer non national players in our country then young british players may have more hope of developing their own game. a point you could make is that not so many brit players go abroad, well my answer to that would be fear and money. they get very well payed over here and we can be a very insular race who do not do well with languages. we dont teach them well and we do not speak well out side of britain. i apologise to those who do well on the subject, my daughter is fluent in spanish and is getting there with english but she is finding it difficult in the uk to find an a level for spanish.
        this subject will never be solved conclusively while these sides play in different countries and there is no chance of it ever being different because a european leauge would only take the top sides from each country so you would still never find out if barca could take the pressure of playing in the premieship, i dont personally feel that they would dominate if tyhe chance ever arose.
        habla pronto, off to spain today for the weekend. communidad valencia.

        jb rocks.

    • And as your ID says 'Jambo', i presume you are a Hearts fan?

      If so, then I don't see you to be in any position to criticise any English Prem club, or indeed the league itself!

      Strikes me as an anti English based post.....................Get over yourself Mate!

      I was googling Jambo, as I couldn't recall if it reffered to Hearts Or Hib's and came up with this explaination of a 'Jambo'.......................A deluded loser obsessed with a totally crap second division football team from Scotland, known as the Jambos (or the Raging Homos, as they are affectionately known in homosexual and cottaging circles).

      Bit harsh I thought!