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  • possiblygraham possiblygraham Jun 22, 2011 08:53 Flag

    Same every year

    Transfer news - teams up and down the country buying and selling players, building teams for the future - except for Villa. We just spend all the time having manager problems, and if we haven't got a problem we create one by breaking golden rule number one - don't sign the manager from down the road.

    Once again a wasted transfer window.

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    • Your right same old story. To make matters worse when we are linked with players they are always from teams that have either been relegated or certainly not of the calibre that we should be aiming for. Now don't get me wrong I am not delusional to think that the likes of Messi or David Villa would be interested in coming here but why on earth would you sell someone of the calibre of Friedel to try and replace him with Al-Habsi from Wigan! No true ambition, mediocre future for a big club!

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      • I totally agree with your post, David.
        The Friedel transfer is so typical of what is wrong at the club. Not just a lack of ambition, but a total lack of logic.
        Did we need the money? If so, we might as well get voluntarily relegated because we have no place in he Permiership.
        Was Friedel playing badly? In my opinion he was about the only player we could rely on in most games.
        Did we bring in a young goalie who Friedel could have coached with his experience? No. What a wasted chance.

        All very sad. Just two years ago I thought we were going places.

      • I too wish Brad f was still there and agree about most of our recent transfers.

        To be honest..................MON's transfers were not much more ambitious.

        You can't take anything away from MON, as we finished IMO artificialy high.................But i believe he saw the writting on the wall with the squad and got out before the league position was going to slip beyond his control