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    Liverpool bid 15 mill 4 Downing

    It's been rejected but I say let him go (hopefully Liverpool are daft enough to up it a bit).

    If it's re-invested, let him go

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    • Well, there you go, Roy. 20 big ones which equates to 8 million profit---big success for Villa and Downing in my eyes.

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      • Hi Alan

        I think 20 million, or even 18 as i read is good money for him. But then, it's a matter of personal opinion as to the fee etc.

        I understand those who think him a disloyal sod, as we bought him when Liverpool were in for him but bulked at the fact he was carrying a long term injury at the time............Villa stuck with him and showed faith in him, got him into the England side and now he wants to leave.

        However, fans see things through loyal eyes and players don't have the same feeling.

        I would like to see the money for him and Young invested.Maybe even getting Milner back and playing him through the middle, as he had his best games with Villa through the middle and Man City are never going to play him there regularly............In fact, they probably won't play him regularly full stop.

        I think (hope) Delph and Bannon come to show their potential this year............................and then we will probably sell them on as well!!!

    • Villa are sort of a half way house club for me. All the better players are allowed to move on therefore killing any hope of major success. Bent was a great signing, but I reckon he'll be away before the end of the season. Shay Given a brilliant keeper if you get him, plus the fact, fortunately for Villa he'll be too old to go move anywhere else.

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      • Hi Alan

        IMO you could call every club outside the top 5 a "Half way House Club"......................Maybe Spurs don't give their top players away so easily but as with Berbatov, they do in the end. The same will happen to Modric. Villa held on to Barry in the same kind of way as Spurs do but had to let him go in the end.

        For me, selling on our top players (if they are hunted, not by hawking them to other clubs, as i don't believe this to be the case), is just the way it is...............and to be honest, clubs like Villa need the money to a certain degree, just like Blackpool are probably very happy with the C Adam fee.

        I think the lower down the food chain you go, the more you are unable to resist a big offer, or the players ambition to move on (for glory or money...or both?).

        Even Man U and Arsenal have to give way on accassions, i.e. Ronaldo, Tevez, Nasri etc........But granted, their are only a select few clubs that can attract offers clubs can't refuse or offers players can't refuse. But that is their good fortune and 100% the reason great players like Gigg etc play an entire career at one club..................Naff all to do with loyalty and everything to do with moey and glory already in their hands.

        So in short, i won't knock Villa or any club outside the top 5 for selling assets (especially ones that want to leave)............It's just the way it is.

        PS. Unless anyone knows different, it would appear that only Barca and Madrid (maybe Milan), who don't seem to get 1st team regular players wanting to leave..............But then every food chain has a top chief?

    • Biggest mistake you'll ever make, the guy's class and he'll prove the point even more at Liverpool or Arsenal or wherever.