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  • Jambo Rambo Jambo Rambo Jul 15, 2011 23:49 Flag

    prem rules changed!

    "The clubs voted at the last Premier League Annual General Meeting to modify the rule regarding clubs fielding full strength teams (E.20)," said a spokesman for the Premier League.

    "From 2011/12 onwards the rule will allow any combination of players included in a club's 25-man squad list to be selected for a Premier League fixture.

    "The 25-man squad rules do allow clubs to pick U21 players beyond those named in their squad list and, with this in mind, it was agreed by the clubs that it was appropriate for the rule to remain in place in order to ensure the integrity of the competition."

    what a waste of time, money, and effort! first your administrators instituted a stupid rule that made no sense, fined clubs, caused needless controversy, and now removed it... what a abysmal way to stir up media bytes to market your sub-standard product that no one cares about - boring, shyte route 1 football... absolutely rubbish compared to the beautiful game played in the la liga, bundesliga, etc.. no wonder uefa, platini, and the rest of cultured europe detest your game and no wonder your national team never succeeds.... your game is being run into the ground by these old dinosaurs....

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    • nice to see your back, dickhead.
      preaching like a bi tch, telling us whats what. proving that you are a brit hating scumsucker who does preaching not debate. well i have to say that there does not seem to be much use for your wisdom (rotflmfao) here. go away numbnuts, we dont need ya.

      villa 'til i die.

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      • Go easy on him!

        Your answer contained many words longer than 2 syllables........................How the 'F' is he going to understand that?

        Seriously though. The very fact he spews all over the boards with anti English retoric, proves that envy runs through his veins.

        I presume he's envious, as his Scottish team (whoever they are. A Jambo is a Hearts fan,yeh??), can't afford to rest players as the local school would kick their arse if they did!!!