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  • mouse mouse Jul 17, 2011 11:03 Flag

    transfers, HELP.

    bless you fellow villians, i have a question.
    due to doing a little travelling and being busy doing nothing, i have lost track of the transfer market. i cant keep up with the, free's, the released, the sold and the just given away. i have had no trouble at all keeping up with the signings, lol.

    so the question, if i may, just who the fcuk still plays for the beloved ASTON VILLA. ?.

    villa 'til i die.

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    • first up may i say that i have nothing against shay given, good, possibly very good goalkeeper. a pretty good signing, but i am now reading elsewhere that due to the situation at st'ans, foster IS available for 1 million. my question is, how the fcuk could we have not known about this. the ginger cringer must know what is going on there, so why did we not look at this one. ?. was there a deal regarding their players being out of bounds as part of getting mc'rat?.
      also read from mc'rat that there will be no more signings as we are skint. this summers movements are all tied up with the money that we spent on big dazza. i have no problem with that as i still think that he was a bargain, but im sure that we need to be spending some more to ensure safety this season.we seem to be relying on there being 3 or 4 really crap sides in the prem to keep us up, rather than challenging for the real prize that is the top 4/6. well just opinions but something aint right.

      villa 'til i die.

      ps, i write this as i know that she will never see it.
      my step daughter, a gooner, is now well and truely dating a villa fan who has had her wearing the shirt. unlike him she will never be a season ticket holder, but she is being converted. cant help screaming lol, just my bit of revenge for years of 5hit..
      tayla, villa 'til she cries............

    • Brilliant. So we've replaced a good old goalie with a good old goalie. Not exactly filling in the massive gaps we now have in the side though, is it?

      Funny how it's gone all quiet about Nzogbia?!?!

    • Same here on the travelling front, mike, but I can't understand why you want to know because it's the same story as every year.
      We've bought nobody and have sold all the players who were going to give us a chance of getting a better place in the premiership this year.