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  • Tilton Tilton Jul 24, 2011 22:56 Flag

    Ultras Group at Villa called Brigada 1874!

    Yea, Yea... ...Ok, Ok...well suppose I am struggling a bit at the moment Danny/Grah...but in the words of the famouse Muhammed Ali..."I will be back".

    They way it looks we wont be in the Championship too long, but I wonder whether it will be leaving the division via another route....what a disaster eh !...Sure the Ginger Whinger knew something when he resigned !

    Never mind, rumours around that a certain Chinese consortium are interested....well, after the current lot, not sure about that, but there you go...

    See you all up the Holte next season...!I'll be listening for the 'Ultra's'.....(Danny I'll wear my white baseball cap from London, so you can come over for a gossip !)

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