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    Ultras Group at Villa called Brigada 1874!

    It is a anti-fascist,anti-racist group who don't intend on creating violence or making trouble.They are solely based on creating a good atmosphere..I think they are based in The Lower Holte End,Block L1.They were mainly seen at away matches last season.Flags,banners,confetti,loud voices,they've got them all.
    Here's their YouTube channel.

    If you would like to join Brigada 1874's forum site,then click on this link.

    So if you want to create a good atmosphere and want to be part of the singing,waving flags,atmosphere creating ultras group Brigada 1874,then contact them after you've registerd for their forum site and e-mail them at Brigada1874@gmail.com.

    Forza Brigada 1874!

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    • Very true Mike...and that guy may well be wearing a uniform !

      Lifes tooooooooooooo short Nicholas !

    • No.

      You must have sent it after my e-mail was deleted again!

      I'l let you know when i bother to get a new one.


    • i have a better idea, nicolas try posting in a way that does not make people want to track you down. we all post things we wish we hadn't. we all rant and post worthless diatribe. we all have bad days. but be a man about it, grow into the relationships that are available here. it is very easy to think that people will always agree with you, human nature means that we would not start a topic unless we thought that we were right.
      starting a topic with the word ultra's is dangerous ground. you tell us that they are anti this and that, but the very word conjours the image of left wing fascist groups that we will all have different opinions of.
      at the end of the day rants like you threw in yesterday, are not unique, we have all insulted and been insulted here, but remember this, next time you are at villa park, and you turn to celebrate a goal with the guy next to you, he may be the very guy that you were insulting in your last post.

      villa 'til i die.

    • I know what you mean Gert....but we've all been there...lets see what happens now.

      Theres always the delete user key or the ignore button if needed.

      KRO !! (to the bitter end)

      BTW Gert...did you get my invite to the fantasy league ?

    • Nicholas...

      Set up a new account using an alias name for your first and last names like everyone else does, and use '@yahoo.co.uk' as the email address, dont use none of the other alternatives. Job done.

      When you've done that you can post as the new ID....take a deep breath and be nice to all the other posters, have a laugh and a bit of banter and take the piss as much as you like...and all will be sweet....even between us Bluenoses and the 'C' crew Villa guys.

      Remember...we are all BRUMMIES !! (including thems from Bristol, and ex pats from other lands !).


      KRO !!

    • Ho ho Nig

      Looks like you have got him worried now.

      Poor Nicholarse wants to change his ID so that he can keyboard warrior in safety.

      He tries to give the impression he is anti fascist anti racist...................pity he's not anti throwing his toys out the pram and anti making stupis purile comments about people!

      Work it out Nick...............it ain't hard (just like you) and then you can threaten or name call all you like without fear................i'm sure you will have a field day!

    • Tilton,how do I change my YahooID?

    • I never drank much in there either Mike, although I have to confess, I did assist in its final demise. I was in the Bulls Head last night.

      Isle of White...yea... i wish I was there with you, mate...and its your round when I do make it !

    • nicolas shwartz. Heres a good tip for you. Leave it alone while your in front, theres a good chap. BTW, putting your name as your ID is not a good idea , son...so take a bit of advice, change it, you are too easily tracked like that, and if you want to be taken seriously, talk like a man not an adolesant.


      KRO !!

    • Ignore i think chaps. Clearly not the full ticket

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