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  • possiblygraham possiblygraham Aug 13, 2011 17:01 Flag

    The Fulham game

    I thought McLeish did what I expected of him and made sure we didn't lose. That's something Houllier didn't manage very often so that's a positive for me.

    Given was excellent. Well invested money, even if we did already have a good goalie but we won't talk about that.

    Gabby was a great defender but that's all I really noticed. about him. Not too surprisingly we appeared to be missing someone who could make a burst up the wing and put the ball in the middle.

    N'Zogbia was overhyped and could never have played as well as everyone was expecting. I think he needs time to settle down and I think he should be played alonside Albrighton rather than instead of him. Albrighton changed the game. We made a lot of chances after he came on.

    No complaints. I think we deserved a point and could have nicked 3 but that would have been unfair on Fulham.