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  • mouse mouse Oct 17, 2011 09:14 Flag

    thank god for that

    first may i say how sad it is that this board has gone by unused this season,

    my reason for not posting has been this bloody unbeaten reacord. simple fact is that we could have lost the first 4 games of the season and still have more points than we have at the moment. for me the start of the season is one of our worst that i can rememeber. when the fixtures first came out i looked and i thought that the signs of a 1/2 decent season would be 17 points by the time that we got to play man city. we have played no one until this weekend and that bought us a hammering. i think that we are in trouble, we have picked up 11 points against the lower teams in the premiership and all under the disguise of an unbeaten start.
    we have the players to finish in the top 8, i think that we can forget the top 4 for the next god knows how many years. it has been an easy start to the season and while we have laughed at loserpoo and arsenal, it has blinded many of us to just how crap our results have been.
    we do not need draws and unbeaten, win 1 lose one and we stay up and finish well placed. we can go unbeaten all season and struggle like hell to stay up if they are all draws.
    i am getting rednap/southampton syndrome here. the ginger tw@ going back to the scum at the end of our relegation season, to hand shakes and pats on the back. signing a new contract with echo's of welcome home, job done ringing around the room.
    just my opinion, but im worried.

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