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  • Sorry but today's performance forced me to go have a bath and watch a cooking prog
    I used to have a season ticket when i first moved to the Midlands
    but Christ things are going from bad to worse
    Never have i seen such a dire performance and you can only blame the board for appointing a blue nose as Manager
    Learner has to my mind lost interest and is letting silly old deadly run the ship to a certain extent.
    He has spend money loads of it but in the wrong places money should always be spent on the team not the PUB at the end of the ground

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    • Scuze me mate, but Mcleish certainly aint no Bluenose....he's all your's, you get what you deserve here, mar muka...Lerner courted him, got him to resign, then appointed him, nowt to do with us none !

      We've got Chris Hughton...the Ginga is YOURS !!

      KRO !!