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  • mouse mouse Feb 15, 2012 12:43 Flag

    9 Points. NOW...............

    Well i had to put out a similar call last year, but the time has come around again.

    lets forget all that glass 1/2 full shite, and take a grasp on reality. after the next 3 games it is possible that our football club could be joint bottom of the premiership. kept off the bottom only by goal difference. i demand that we produce the performances needed to achieve 3 wins (9 points) in these next 3 games. these are possibly the 3 most, "Must Win" games that i can remember since the 1970's.
    losing these 3 games will be devastating, anything less than wins could be the end of our ever present premiership record. i (we) demand 3 performances, 3 wins, 9 POINTS....
    the other side of this potentially devastating coin is that 9 points would almost certainly take us to safety.
    The fact is that we approach the 3 biggest games that this club has faced since Rotterdam. what frightens me is that i really do not see where the points to take us to safety will come from after these 3 games. almost every team that we face after these games will be challenging for the title, the champions league or europe.
    i pray that someone at villa park has noticed that these fixtures are as important as i see them.
    i am not here today to slag off the owner, the manager or the players. i am here to DEMAND the 9 points that will give us hope for a future that only includes doncaster if the cup draw is good to us. i am here to DEMAND, for ASTON VILLA, THE CLUB AND THE SUPPORTERS.

    Villa 'til i die.

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