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  • Tilton Tilton May 6, 2012 17:46 Flag

    Barring a disaster......................

    Barring a disaster of a massive deafeat, and results going against them, Villa should be safe for another season..

    How ironic that we got relegated with Mcleish in charge on 39 points the FIRST time he took us down, yet Villa will stay up on 37 should they lose next week. No justice in this world....and what is the common dinominator here?

    Now strangely enough, posters who know me on here will vouch that I have no hatred for Villa, and I wish them well as long as we do better...but I don't wish Mcleish well, he near ruined us along with the Hong Kong mafia...don't mention the League Cup to me, we won it in spite of Mcleish, not because of him ...

    Send him back up North where he belongs..and don't poach our managers again !!

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