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  • mouse mouse Jun 15, 2012 11:42 Flag

    The Ginger is....................

    sorry nige, i was under the impression that CH was on a 1 year rolling contract. if that was the case it is down to the club that they did not secure his services. in the exact sane way norwich allowed a clause saying that lambert could speak to any prem club who approached them. they then stupidly break that contract by refusing him the chance to talk to villa. probably cost them 2.5 million i would think.

    # 19.

    villa 'til i die.

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    • To be fair Mike/Roy......I think Chris knows something that us mere fans do-not...or only suspect in any case...the club is bust and will need massive investment to even keep afloat. Chris has jumped ship which makes sense for his future.

      It's a bit like the Deadly Doug day's,......those who cheered when he went ...are they as happy now ?...and those who cheered when the so called Porn Brothers and Bint of St Andrews sold out...are they cheering as loudly now ?

      Will be a good few many years before my lot grace the prem again I fear.