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  • mouse mouse May 15, 2012 16:51 Flag

    Randy, a word if i may.

    so putting aside the group of fans who have never seen­ it this bad, why did you not listen to the vast­ majority of the older generation who told you that this­ could never work. not just because he managed­ birmingham, but because he is a very bad premiership­ manager. there are 1,000's of us who could have met­ your criteria of cutting the wage bill and keeping us­ in the prem ( and not played crap, boring football )­ for a lot less than 2 million a year. we do not just­ stand on the holte because the wife wants us out of the­ house. we do not complain for fun, we are ASTON VILLA­ FANS and our club means everything. we are aston villa­ and we expect that when we go to old trafford, the­ emirates, stamford bridge or that dump that loserpool­ play at, we go to win. we sometimes expect to get our­ butts kicked but we play to win. Randy, you purchased a­ good football club for a very tidy price, please get us­ someone who allows us to play football.
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    Villa 'til i die.

    just in case you wish to discuss the vacancy.