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  • Well...............Money isn't going to be forked out to keep us up, that much is obvious.

    I don't think Lerner knew what he was getting himself in for by owning a Premiership club. In American sport you can't get relegated, so any money spent will still get re-couped via TV deals etc.

    OK, of course he knew teams can go down but he probably didn't understand just how a slight shift in power/finances/a poor signing or 2 etc could make a team slip from top 6 to bottom 3............and then the dilema of 'do i spend and stay up and rake in the millions, or would it be good many after bad '?

    His heart does not seem to be in it and niether does his wallet.

    Say what you like about Ken Bates but he left Villa (i believe) virtualy debt free.......................i don't think that's the case now.

    I bet he would sell and run if he could get the right deal!

    And IMO it's not an 'IF' we go down.............we are down. We have no spirit and fight, we can't score or defend. OK other teams are around us but in the current form table, we are bottom at the crucial stage.